The fastest site loading speeds for your visitors coming from U.S.A., Canada as well as Latin America

If your primary resource–demanding multimedia web sites are going to be focused mostly on potential customers within the U.S.A., Canada or even Latin America, our US datacenter provides just the right virtual hosting service to suit your needs. The Colohouse data center is situated in downtown Chicago and serves a number of the biggest telecommunications providers in the U.S.A.. It offers full redundancy in network connectivity and power and so it is ideal for hosting your demanding sites and web apps.

Utilizing the Linux Virtual Private Servers In The USA option is easy and simple. Just pick the configuration you prefer, choosing from a selection of VPS solutions on our website afterwards pick the US datacenter on the order form. Our administrators are going to install the server for you in the US datacenter free–of–charge and will also be onsite 24x7 to warrant a 99.9% network uptime. What’s more, they’re going to carry out every–week offsite backups of your own VPS to make sure your information is kept secure constantly.

Other US Hosting Services

We do offer considerably more with our US datacenter besides Virtual Private Servers. We’ve Shared Website Hosting In The US packages and Linux Semi-dedicated Servers In The USA offering a 99.9% network uptime guarantee. We have Linux Dedicated Hosting Servers In The USA, which provide unparalleled hosting power and which could support any kind of web site. All US hosting services are available along with our absolutely for free Web Hosting Control Panel. It’s developed to help make day–to–day hosting actions quick & effortless. And also, it comes packed with a bunch of totally free and incredibly convenient tools and bonuses which can help you boost your site.