If you get a virtual or a dedicated server, you can use it not only to host your own sites, but also to resell web hosting plans to other people. This allows you to make good money, as the number of people who build their first website keeps growing and the demand for web hosting services is growing each and every year. Other than the server itself, you will need a merchant account with a payment processor, which will allow you to accept payment transactions online, and a payment app so that you can link the two of them. To use your own server means having extra control when compared to the standard hosting reseller programs. If, for instance, a client wants to run some script which needs a certain application to be present on the server, there will not be a problem to install it on a virtual or a dedicated machine, but it's impossible to do that on a shared server where all reseller accounts are set up. With small effort and investment, you'll have the opportunity to start a successful hosting firm of yours and to be a part of the ever expanding website hosting market.

Reselling Options in VPS Hosting

We'll make it really easy for you to create a hosting company when you purchase one of our virtual private servers plans. Throughout the registration process, you can pick the cPanel or the DirectAdmin hosting Control Panel and not only will you have full root access to the server with all of them, but you can also set up hosting packages, since they both feature a reseller level as well. What's more, with DirectAdmin it's also possible to have resellers of your own. Each VPS package ordered with cPanel features two additional options that will help you launch a reseller business without spending a dime. The first is an eNom domain reseller account, which excludes the deposit you'll have to pay if you decide to sign up with them directly, while the second one is an authorized copy of ClientExec - a billing and support software app, which will make it very simple for you to generate plans, to bill your clients and to supply ticket support. Our VPS plans enable you to launch your web business with minimal costs and they have all the tools which you'll need for that.

Reselling Options in Dedicated Web Hosting

Our powerful Linux dedicated web hosting are an excellent choice if you want to launch your own website hosting reseller business. Each package comes with adequate resources to accommodate a great number of users, irrespective of the type of sites that they wish to host. As you will have root-level access to the server, you're able to install any software that they may need. During the dedicated server order process, you'll be able to pick cPanel or DirectAdmin - two of the website hosting Control Panels that we supply, due to the fact that both of them feature client and reseller areas. With DirectAdmin, you can have sub-resellers who can have direct clients of their own. With each server acquired with cPanel, on the other hand, we give a couple of other software tools at no extra cost - a domain reseller account with eNom, one of the major registrar companies, plus a billing and support application known as ClientExec, which comes with a web payment gateway and a ticketing system.